Who is Blue?

"BlueAfro" born as Lexi Paulino, is an Afro Latina artist, of Dominican descent, born and raised in New York City (1999)

She later chose to adopt the name "Blue"

Creating art from a very young age, her art is surreal, playful and bright. Her art touches on nostalgia, playing with bright colors and made up creatures, unique faces, and vivid memories. It also speaks on mental health, issues such as depression, severe anxiety and disassociation, which the artist experiences and portrays with mixed media techniques of smudging, overlapping and meticulous designs, and exaggerated features and characters. She also dabbles in topics of heritage, and culture, and is heavily inspired by her afro textured hair (hence, Blue "Afro") She aims to represent people of color in her art.

Growing up in New York City, she became fascinated by street art culture, and began to create work around it, and put her work in the streets. She also sells work on the streets of the city, to interact with people and speak about her work, and make money for more supplies.

For more, visit @Blueafro on Instagram